You Know You're Hooked When...

  • Your wife wants a diamond for her birthday, and you get her a Diamond Stealth Video Card.

  • You're in bed, making it, and it reminds you of how it must feel to be a floppy disk going into your new drive.

  • You know what PPP, SLIP, HTML & FTP mean...but damned if you can remember your wife's maiden name.

  • You sit in front of the tv...trying to type at a keyboard.

  • You "right click"....on your wife's nipples.

  • The "cute name" for your member has changed to "Joystick"....and you hold it the same way.

  • You find out that Hemorrhoids aren't THAT painful, as long as you're on the 'Net.

  • When someone yells out "What's for supper?" you do a search for SUPPER.COM.

  • Whenever your wife mentions "protection", you remind yourself that you gotta get a keyboard protector.

  • You suspect there's a virus in your mashed potatoes.


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